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★Gallery Folders

:bulletblack: Stage Designs-Locations from previous Megaten games and also OC Roleplay scenes from within our affiliates are acceptable. For example you may create stages like Mantra HQ, Tartarus Ground Level, or Sebek Labs etc to duel at for the Arena. You may also claim an area stage as your stomping grounds for your team.Created areas of KA may have zero-gravity, and enable flight on demand.

:bulletblack:Free duel-Anything goes battle, winners will be determined by Watchers or Active Staff. You may use OC's, Demons, Atma, Magatama or Persona Summons. Demons/Persona from the cannon series maybe used in support battles if in agreement with your challenger. Also you may choose titles not listed here like Soul Hacker, Devil Summoner etc.You may have 8 skills for combat. 2 of your skills slots can be custom, including special conversation skills. This is mainly for Chat Competitions.

:bulletblack:Digital Tournament-Approval by Staff is required for entry into the Tournament. Characters may be balanced according to power. There will be limits according to how many Persona, Demons, allies etc can be on the field at once.You may use OC's, Demons, Atma, Magatama or Persona Summons. Also you may choose titles not listed here like Soul Hacker, Devil Summoner etc. You may have 8 skills for combat. 2 of your skills slots can be custom, including special conversation skills.

:bulletblack: Demon Buster Bills- For renegade Demons, Persona, Shadows and the like on the bounty listing. Bonus points and rare gemstones will be rewarded. After being defeated some may even be summoned.

★About Alignment:

Alignment refers to the side of which the player or demon represents within the universe of the series. Each title maintains the same set of alignments, although these have different consequences.

In general, the alignment of a demon is measured by two attributes:

Light - Neutral - Dark
Law - Neutral - Chaos

In total, there are nine possible alignments a demon can have:

Light-Law | Light-Neutral | Light-Chaos
Neutral-Law | Neutral-Neutral | Neutral-Chaos
Dark-Law | Dark-Neutral | Dark-Chaos

:bulletblue:Law: This alignment is associated with God, order and peace. In the game it is represented by the Messian religion, and the colors blue and white. The Law alignment promotes order and safety, but taken to an extreme it leads to dictatorship and elitism.

:bulletgreen:Neutral:Also known as "Balance", this alignment accepts the need for laws to govern the world but not at the cost of personal freedom. It rejects the concept of relying on Lawful or Chaotic powers to focus instead on personal empowerment, refinement, individuality and the inherent strength of Mankind.

:bulletred:Chaos:The alignment is associated with Lucifer, freedom and war. In the game it is represented by the Gaian religion, and the colors red and black. However, this freedom can lead to a vast amount of suffering and anarchy, leading the world into a primal state of unsuppressed vice and survival of the fittest.

★About Kotowari:

The Kotowari 'logic' or "the reason" is a school of thought or philosophy intended to become the core belief in a new world. Every time the Conception comes to pass, a Kotowari is selected to revive the world according to one of these visions. A god embodying the Kotowari must be brought forth into the Vortex World by the power of a champion of the Great Will, to be tested and acknowledged as the Master of Kotowari, worthy of raising the new world.

One Kotowari is already present in this RP. The Dreamers Kotowari. Conditions for a new Kotowari claim:


New members can claim a new Kotowari after 8 characters are under their control, and they have won around 70% of their competitions. This requirement for New Kotowari claim can also be made if they have an active team that collectively meets the above requirements. For example 3 separate members in a team, each with 3 entry characters with collective 70% win ratio.

(More info will be released later on Storyline)


Shin Megami Tensei
Kotowari Arena


STEP ONE: Once you find someone to duel, set up the details of the match, such as Stages, Rounds, Deadline, Medium, and any additional stipulations you want to add.

The following Art Mediums are available to use for duels: Splash Page, Comic, Manga, Animation, Literature, Graphic Literature, and Radio. Both artists are required to produce an entry in an agreed medium. Choosing an Art Medium is required for all battles.

STEP TWO: Confirm all details with your opponent, then note the Kotowari Arena account with the details of the brawl. If possible, include thumbnails of the characters.

STEP THREE: Create an entry for the match based upon the Art Medium chosen. The Art should depict a conflict, and resolution that involves all participating characters. Before the end date, send a note to the Kotowari Arena with a link to your entry for the match. NO late entry will be accepted unless all Artists involved agree on a time extension. If one does not make the time limit, or breaks any other agreed duel conditions, the other Artist involved will be the winner of the duel.

You may add any number of the following stipulations:

Rounds- Specify the number of rounds for the duel. For example, 1-3 rounds, or best of three rounds. Multiple battle rounds allows your character to react better to a previous round. We recommend more than one round be set. If you want just one round to determine the outcome of battle, that is an option.

Number of Allies on Stage- Specify if the match will be Team based, or 'One on One' dueling. Also specify the quantity of Demons/ or Persona to be Summoned into battle.

No Killing - Recommended for those who do not want their characters permanently injured, or killed during a duel. No killing means characters are subject to KO's only. In this mode, Hama and Mudo skills will simply KO (or gradual KO depending on skill) instead of cause Death. Countdown or Doom Skills will cause KO instead of Death. Stoned characters cannot be shattered to Death, only engraved in Petrified form until released by Magic.

Injuries On: Light to heavy injuries in duels are on. Inflicting heavy wounds is an option. Permanent Death blows are not. There will be rejuvenation chambers in the DOS which can restore mortals that are wounded. (If not then wounds will heal at a normal humans rate.) Hama and Mudo skills will cause K.O (or gradual KO depending on skill) instead of Death. Countdown or Doom Skills will cause KO instead of Death. Stoned characters cannot be shattered to Death, only engraved in Petrification until released by Magic.

Ready to Death:  Death Match dueling is on. Mortal wounds may cause a permanent character loss. If your character loses in a Death Match, then there will be a slot open for a new character replacement. All of the Demons/Persona bound to the lead deceased Summoner at that time will dissipate with them. Mudo, and Hama will take on maximum Death effects instead of instant KO. Countdown and Doom Skills will cause Death at the end of their counts. Stoned characters can be solidified and shattered  resulting in Death after a heavy hit. *Note that summoned Demons can be restored from Death, party leading Humans/Demons/Animals can not.

Anything Goes- A mode 'for those seeking the thrill of Death…'

Elimination Mode- The losing character, or characters are removed from the roster permanently. They may not be re-registered, and may not be used in any future brawls. If the character is already registered in any other brawls, that Artist loses those brawls automatically. Elimination agreements may or may not specify that active Demons/ Persona are lost permanently with the lead Summoner.

Stages: - Restricts the duel to a specific setting within the DOS, or the Archaic World such as those listed in the DOS Region map. In addition duels can be Staged in the Archaic World (The World prior to the Lunar Incident). Area Damage effects can be set to active or inactive. Ring Outs can be toggled on or off, as a round winning decision making parameter. Remember that the ability to levitate, take flight, and duel airborne is available within the DOS region.

Weather/Terrain-In this mode a judge closely considers the Environment conditions chosen. Certain environments yield certain tactical advantages, or disadvantages when specific Magic Spells are used. Refer to the Weather/Terrain guide if you are interested in tactical matches determined by this option.

Theme - Can be about nearly anything competitive. This option gives a theme to your duel, such as "Magician dueling', "S.Links Showdown", "Demon busting", "Fanservice."  Etc.  

Page/Word/Time Count: - The number of pages that the duel will contain. This sets a page length minimum, or maximum for a duel.

Critique - When duels are judged, a judge will include a line or two about the victory decision. Adding this stipulation will encourage Judges to dig deeper and provide a more thorough critique on each entry.

Your duel will be judged after the end date, and posted in a Finished duels journal.


:bulletblack: Dueling Guidelines

All pages of a battle must be linked to each other, either by deviation links in the description or by stacking the pages into one file.

Duels have a maximum deadline of 3 months, and a minimum deadline of 1 day. Deadlines are always at 23:59 PST on the day the duel is due. More specific deadlines are not enforced.

Duels may be extended, shortened, or otherwise altered if all Artists involved consent. Extensions cannot lengthen a brawl beyond 4 months (120 days). The characters and Artists participating in a duel may not be changed. Duels can be canceled before the deadline. If one duelist involved cancels the duel, the one who remains to battle will claim the victory through forfeit. If both agree on cancelling a duel, after it has been ordered then the duel is considered stalemate.

Victory results to a duel  done by 1 judge may be challenged within 1 month of results posting. Note Kotowari Arena with a  request to recall the judges results. Two more judges will examine the duel, and announce their final decision. If the winner of the duel changes based on these new decisions, the duel will be ruled a tie. In that case, all contestants are granted a win on their records.

Mature content is acceptable for duels within DA limits.

Depict the best fight scenario, or tell the best story that you can.


Here are the lists to all of the technical categories of skills, specials, and magic.

Weapon types and damage dealing:…

Status Types and damage dealing:…

(New status spells tech info to be explained in the future)

Sorted by Games:

Physical and Specials:…

Element Magic, -kaja, and -kunda spells :…

Status and recovery:…

Just look up a skill you want your character to use, everything except passive skills are categorized. Also, SMT 4, Devil Survivor, and Soul Hackers is not yet listed here. If you plan to use skills from any of these games let one the mods know. Give us some time, and we will classify the skill list for you.
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